Welcome to Office 365 blog

Welcome to Office 365 blog

Welcome to my Office 365 blog!

In this blog I’ll discuss about various aspects of administering Office 365 suite.

Administering Office 365 is somewhat easy if you know the basics. However, there are many tricks that can ease your job, but also issues nobody has ever told you about!

I’ll update the blog regularly, so there is plenty of new blogs and articles to come. In the meantime, you can check my first PowerShell article.

If there is something special you’d like be to blog, please send me an email to nestori.syynimaa@gerenios.com.

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About Dr Nestori Syynimaa (@DrAzureAD)
Dr Syynimaa works as Principal Identity Security Researcher at Microsoft Security Research.
Before his security researcher career, Dr Syynimaa worked as a CIO, consultant, trainer, and university lecturer for over 20 years. He is a regular speaker in scientific and professional conferences related to Microsoft 365 and Entra ID (Azure AD) security.

Before joining Microsoft, Dr Syynimaa was Microsoft MVP in security category and Microsoft Most Valuable Security Researcher (MVR).