Tenant information

This Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) tool will extract openly available information for the given tenant. The tool is using APIs mentioned in my previous blog post and in MS Graph API documentation.

Domain details is returned only for the 20 first domains. For complete recon information, please use AADInternals PowerShell module.

Note: CBA status is valid ONLY if email of an existing user is given. Using tenant id, domain name, or email of non-existing user may show false negatives.
Note: AAD Connect cloud sync status may return false negatives.

Enter tenant id, domain name, user email, or user object id:

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About Dr Nestori Syynimaa (@DrAzureAD)
Dr Syynimaa works as Principal Identity Security Researcher at Microsoft Security Research.
Before his security researcher career, Dr Syynimaa worked as a CIO, consultant, trainer, and university lecturer for over 20 years. He is a regular speaker in scientific and professional conferences related to Microsoft 365 and Entra ID (Azure AD) security.

Before joining Microsoft, Dr Syynimaa was Microsoft MVP in security category and Microsoft Most Valuable Security Researcher (MVR).