AADInternals published!

AADInternals published!

For the last couple months I’ve used most of my free time on studying and hacking Azure AD admin APIs. As a result, I’m finally publishing the first (beta) version of the AADInternals PowerShell module.

So what is the AADInternals? For short, it is a PowerShell module, where I’ve put all my knowledge about hacking and managing Azure AD. I’ve studied a lot how Microsoft’s admin tools are communicating with Azure AD and found some quite interesting stuff..

To start, install the module from PowerShell:

Install-Module AADInternals

And now you’re ready to use the module! For instance, you can now easily check where your Office 365 services are really located:

# Get the access token and save it to cache
Get-AADIntAccessTokenForAADGraph -Credentials (Get-Credential)
# Get service location information of the tenant
Get-AADIntServiceLocations | Format-Table

Region Instance             Name                          State Country
------ --------             ----                          ----- -------
EU     EU001                PowerBI                             IR     
EU     PROD_MSUB01_02       SCO                                 IE     
NA     NA001                MultiFactorService                  US     
NA     NA001                AzureAdvancedThreatAnalytics        US     
EU     Prod04               Adallom                             GB     
NA     NA001                AADPremiumService                   US     
EU     EURP191-001-01       exchange                            IE     
NA     NA003                YammerEnterprise                    US     
NA     NA001                To-Do                               US     
NA     NA001                TeamspaceAPI                        US     
NA     NA001                Sway                                US     
EU     SPOS1196             SharePoint                          NL     
EU     EU                   RMSOnline                           NL     
EU     PROD_EU_Org_Ring_152 ProjectWorkManagement               NL     
NA     NA001                ProcessSimple                       US     
NA     NA001                PowerAppsService                    US     
NA     NA001                OfficeForms                         US     
NA     NA001                MicrosoftStream                     US     
NA     NorthAmerica1        MicrosoftOffice                     US     
EU     EMEA-2E-S3           MicrosoftCommunicationsOnline       NL     
EU     emea05-01            ExchangeOnlineProtection            NL     
NA     NA001                Deskless                            US     
NA     NA002                SMIT                                US     
NA     NA001                Metro                               US     
EU     EU003                DirectoryToCosmos                   GB     
NA     *                    BecWSClients                        US     
NA     NA033                BDM                                 US     
EU     EUGB02               AadAllTenantsNotifications          GB

As the example above shows services for this tenant are provided from UK, US, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The IR country code actually means Iran, but I suppose guys at Microsoft just had a typo (IE=Ireland) :joy:. Anyways, especially those who are worried about GDPR compliancy, can see what services are located in EU/ETA countries and which are not. To see all the functions visit AADInternals page.

I’ll post new blogs on how to use the module in due course - so keep visiting my blog!


For the next month or so, I’ll be finalising my sessions for Techmentor Orlando. For those attending the Live!360 / Techmentor, here is a promise: If there are more than 500 dowloads of AADInternals by Nov 25th, I’ll be wearing my doctoral robe :point_down: during my The Weakest Link of Office 365 Security -session on Dec 6th. So spread the word and see you in Orlando!


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